Commercial Cleaning Business Owners

The Predictable Method To Generating 5-10+ Contract Opportunities Monthly

(Without retainer fees & on a Strictly Performance Basis)

Our Three Step Process

Step 1

Build a List of Prospects

Using multiple data providers, we build a list tailored to your specific industries. We reach out directly to decision makers holding positions such as the CEO, Facility Manager, Office Manager, Commercial Property Manager, and more.

Above video: One of the data directories we use to pull decision makers from any preferred industry in your zip code. Above is a query for "Property Management Companies and Apartment Rental Agencies" in the Seattle area.

Step 2

Set up An AI Leveraged Outreach System

Our sending software allows us to reach the inboxes of 5,000-10,000 decision makers per month, all in one location.

We manage all the leads for you up until they are ready to book an appointment in your calendar, following up as many times as necessary.

Step 3

Reply to Interested Prospects and Set Up The Walkthrough

When a lead is ready to schedule an appointment, you will get a SMS/email notification containing all previous conversation and lead details.

Simply log into the software to respond and/or call the lead to set up a walkthrough of their property.

Desired Outcome (45 days in)

Equipped with a proper cold outreach infrastructure, referrals/word of mouth become a nice secondary lead source. Dependent on your criteria, you can reasonably expect to go on 5-10+ walkthroughs each month. Cold calls become strictly warm calls, freeing up your sales reps schedule. You will have a predictable stream of leads, allowing you to pick and choose your clients. Your volume will be directly responsible for how much you intend for your business to grow.

About Us

My name is Philip Vo and I'm the Founder here at Legacy Leads - Janitorial Solutions. My goal is to provide a transparent service in which I communicate every step of the way. This means you will always have a clear picture of what the next steps are. I operate on a strictly performance basis - if you don't get paid, I don't get paid. At the end of the day, the metric I value most in defining success is revenue added for my clients.

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